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Roundup Sonic

Soluble concentrate containing glyphosate

A soluble concentrate containing 450 g/l glyphosate, present as 607g/l (50.9% w/w) of the potassium salt of glyphosate. Roundup Sonic is an innovative, high-load glyphosate formulation. Based on patented ‘TranSorb’ technology, Roundup Sonic delivers fast and effective weed control.


Key Traits

Modern formulation

  • Excellent weed control in variable weather conditions
  • Performs well in hard water conditions

Extensive Label

  • One can solution

Wide variety of tank mix partners supported



A soluble concentrate containing 450 g/l glyphosate, present as 607g/l (50.9% w/w) of the potassium salt of glyphosate. Based on unique ‘TranSorb’ surfactant package, Roundup Sonic gives excellent levels of weed control.

Roundup Sonic combines a high loading of glyphosate with low viscosity leading to quicker sprayer filling and faster turnaround time – important in challenging weather conditions

The inclusion of the ‘TranSorb’ surfactant helps protect the glyphosate in hard water situations whist delivering exceptional control in challenging weather scenarios as the glyphosate penetrates the leaf surface more rapidly than generic alternatives. Roundup Sonic can be relied upon to give exceptional activity on weeds in all situations.


Roundup Sonic Benefits

  • High load 450g/L glyphosate
  • Wide range of tank mixes
  • Flexible label
  • Consistent performance in a wide range of weather conditions
  • Effective in hard water

Welcome to Roundup

The Roundup Brand was born in 1974. Since then products based on glyphosate have become the most widely used herbicides in the world.

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