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FieldView - The driving force behind your farm’s future

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FieldView. A game changer for farming

Unlock your farm data to drive field and farm performance. FieldView makes data easy to access and evaluate. It allows you to put your data to work, giving you greater insight to refine crop management strategies to optimise yield and maximise margins.

  • Yield Analysis

    Evaluate field or farm trials

    Evaluate any field region regardless of size or complexity. FieldView allows you to investigate yield data in exceptional detail giving insight to enhance crop performance and run agronomic trials.

  • Data

    Ease of data access

    FieldView wirelessly collects and securely stores all your farm data in one place. With real-time data at your fingertips, making and evaluating decisions has never been quicker or easier.

  • Field Health

    Field health updates

    Bring the field into the office with regular biomass and scouting images. Ideal for monitoring crop progress, spotting potential in-season problems and prioritising your crop walking.

  • Compatibility

    Ease your administration requirements

    Dispense with duplicated data entry. FieldView connects with other platforms for seamless data interoperability and elimination of data ambiguity.

  • Farming

    Optimise your precision farming approach

    Connect FieldView to your whole fleet to collect data from drilling, spreading, spraying and harvest to evaluate and optimise your use of variable rate inputs.

  • Informed decisions

    Make informed decisions quicker

    With FieldView, data is real-time and can be viewed remotely from anywhere. Accessing your data has never been so convenient, meaning it’s available at the point decisions are made.

  • Field work progress

    See fieldwork in progress

    Monitor field operations as they happen. See live work speeds or progress on planting or applications there and then. With real-time yield and moisture data from the combine, crop storage and marketing decisions can be made on the spot.

  • Data sharing

    Automate data reporting and sharing

    Get daily planting, application and harvest reports automatically sent to any email. Share observations from the field or job reports from the cab with the touch of a few buttons.

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Why you need to look at FieldView

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Why farmers love FieldView

  • Farmers around the UK share how using FieldView has improved the way they farm

  • Demonstrating the value of FieldView on farm to an agronomist

  • Optimising On-Farm Trials: Streamlining Data Management with FieldView

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Get a no obligation demo today

If you’re unsure of the benefits digital farming can bring to your business, you need to see FieldView first hand. It will open your eyes to the level of field and crop detail available to you and how this can be used to push field performance further. FieldView was designed with farmers so it is easy to use and brings unparalleled functionality.

No two farms are alike and by understanding your business needs and aims we can show you how FieldView can support your crop and business strategies.

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    Data Analytics

    Make evidence-based decisions

    Most farms have ample data, its making use of it that is important. FieldView gives you the ability to bring your data together and make evidence-based decisions to improve field and farm performance.

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    Get the support of a global leader

    Adopting new software or systems can be daunting which is why we have a dedicated UK support team. Our field based digital activation specialists have extensive agricultural and digital experience to support you with any assistance you may need.

    Reach out to our experts

    • Man smiling, with professional attire on

      Ben Bell

      Ben has spent over twenty years working with ag machinery technology, firstly with Claas & then AGCO. He sees FieldView’s cross-platform compatibility as key. “Regardless of the tractor, combine or sprayer colour, FieldView captures data from it,” he says.

    • Woman smiling, with a field view uniform stood in a crop field

      Edward Lawton-Bradshaw

      Basis qualified Edward combines hands-on farming with precision ag experience. A former farm manager, he was an early adopter of digital tools. His experience covers various farm technologies & he is well-versed in system setup, integration and training.

    • Man smiling stood in a crop field with a field view tshirt

      Alex McIntosh

      With a Geology degree, FACTS trained Alex started his agri career soil sampling & helping farmers create soil zones for variable rate P & K. As a result, he has extensive experience in digital integration, training and support.

    Our platform partners

    • John Deere
    • Claas
    • Omnia
    • Farmplan
    • Drone Deploy

    Here’s how some farmers are benefitting from FieldView

    • ‘Data is captured in real-time. I don’t need to input manually, that is a significant time benefit and it reduces the risk of data entry discrepancy.’

      Alex Borthwick, Hoe Hill Farm, Lincs

    • ‘We used to have to draw around biomass or yield maps but now Autozone automatically zones the field up. It takes longer to send it to the tractor than produce it!’

      Colin Woodward, Great Tew Estate, Oxon

    • ‘With our on-farm trials it automates what we are trying to measure. It knows where the trial boundaries are and yield data is synchronised automatically with our Claas Telematics.’

      David Fuller, McGregor Estate, Berwickshire

    • ‘I’m building layers of seasonal data to help understand the impact of climate across all fields and crops. Having the full picture of how the various parts of each field behave can help me plan for the future.'

      Simon Beddows, Coppid Farm Enterprises, Berkshire

    • ‘We’ve got very variable soils here, everything from Keuper Marl clay to Notts sand and gravel. I was quite shocked to see the yield variability across some fields, this only became apparent when we acquired FieldView.’

      Richard Cross, Oxton Estate, Notts.

    • ‘We’ll be putting crops in the ground just a matter of weeks from harvest. What FieldView offers is real-time data from the combine so we have information in good time for the next season.’

      Andrew Ward, Glebe Farm, Lincs

    • 'We took our John Deere data into FieldView it processed over 200,000 files. It needs to be compacted and put into the simplest form, and that is what FieldView does.'

      Andrew & Sam Melton, Pear Tree Farm, Norfolk

    Request a demo

    Try FieldView on your Farm

    You can put FieldView to the test on your farm with a limited free subscription.* If you like what you see from the demo, our offer allows you to make a thorough evaluation of the platform without the commitment of the first year’s subscription. There’s no better way than to see first-hand how FieldView can benefit your farming business.

    *Requires purchase of FieldView hardware

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