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MagicTrap. The digital yellow trap for oilseed rape pests

Decision-making on OSR pest control made easy

MagicTrap is a fully automated, digital, yellow, water trap for oilseed rape that provides information in real-time on the presence of OSR pests in your field directly to your smartphone. Helping you to understand the pressure in your field at anytime, from anywhere.

Monitoring is no longer a manual process

MagicTrap automously detects, categorises and quantifies a large range of insects and pests including cabbage stem flea beetle, weevil, and flea beetle. MagicTrap distinguishes between pests and beneficals, analysing the pests automatically. Push notifications are sent to your smartphone via the MagicScout app, ensuring you never miss a pest migration event and removing the need to proactively check.

The insight at your fingertips to take action when needed

MagicTrap takes regular images of the trap’s contents via its integrated camera and automatically shares the data for analysis before appearing in your app. This data can be shared with multiple users or exported to an Excel spreadsheet allowing you to see how pest pressure is evolving over time and providing insight to inform any action.

    Working smarter for longer

    MagicTrap’s intelligent design means never needing to think about your pest monitoring while the trap is in place. The self-sufficent energy source enables the trap to run on 100% solar energy stored in its in-built rechargable battery, which powers its integrated wireless network connection.

    Monitoring with MagicTrap to inform OSR drilling decisions

    As trials manager for Agrovista, with responsibility for the company’s nationwide network of AgX R&D sites, David Blance is all too familiar with the threat cabbage stem flea beetle (CSFB) poses to oilseed rape establishment.

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