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Wheat in a fieldLarge plastic bottle printed with a label of the Hamlet logo


Hamlet is a post-emergence herbicide for controlling black-grass and other grass weeds in winter wheat crops during autumn / winter.

Product details

Gordon Anderson-Taylor, Bayer black-grass task force member is asked “How soon can I apply Hamlet?” Gordon points out that with increasing levels of EMR resistance around the country it is important to apply post-emergence herbicides as early as possible. In the case of Hamlet this means from 1 to 3 leaves of the black-grass and certainly before tillering. With such an early application there is always the potential of subsequent germination after treatment so Hamlet should be applied with both the adjuvant biopower as an effective residual partner to catch these late germinators. Traditionally 1 – 3 leaf stage of black-grass would be during the autumn, but with delayed drilling and heavy pre-emergence stacks now a key part of black-grass control programs the emergence of black-grass may be delayed. Hamlet should still be applied at the 1 – 3 leaf stage which may mean that application is later in the season, it may even be December, January or February. The key thing is to focus on the black-grass stage and avoid waiting until spring to treat large plants.

New Bayer Herbicide: How soon should you apply Hamlet?