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Wheat in a fieldLarge plastic bottle printed with a label of the Liberator logo


Liberator is the first step to effective grass-weed and broad-leaved weed control in winter wheat, winter barley, spring wheat and spring barley.

Product details

Effective control of grass-weeds requires a robust herbicide programme. Liberator provides the crucial first step in that programme, with unrivalled pre-emergence control of black-grass and other grass-weeds, plus a range of broad-leaved weeds.

When used as a pre-emergence herbicide, Liberator reduces the number of weeds that a post-emergence herbicide – such as Atlantis OD or Monolith – has to control.  This improves overall weed control while reducing the potential to select for resistant weeds.


Key advantages

  • Safe for use with all varieties of winter wheat, winter barley, spring wheat and spring barley

  • White, suspension formulation, with a low, inoffensive odour and non-staining qualities

  • User friendly, with low dose rate

  • Reliable residual control even in dry autumn conditions

  • Winter oilseed rape, winter wheat, winter barley, winter leaf brassicas and winter field beans may be drilled the following autumn.

  • Sugar beet, spring wheat, spring barley, potatoes, spring oilseed rape, peas, spring field beans, edible brassicas and onions may be drilled the following spring.

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