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Weed Management

Grass-weed control in cereals

Effective grass-weed control is essential for growing profitable cereal crops. The frequency of cereals in the rotation and the biological similarities between the crop and the weed, they are both grasses, mean that long-term control requires an integrated approach using cultural and chemical controls.

Find out more about the biology and control methods of key grass-weed species

Integrated weed management

Integrated Weed Management (IWM) aims for sustainable control and management of weeds using methods designed to complement each other. It involves physical, chemical and biological methods of control without excessive reliance on any one technique. The purpose of IWM is to reduce weed pressure and keep weeds at low levels. The desired outcome is to put weeds off balance making it easier for a herbicide to do its job — which is to protect the yield potential of a crop.

    The goals of an IWM plan can be simply stated as follows:

    • Suppress weed growth and biomass accumulation to limit their ability to decrease yield

    • Minimise weed seed production to limit the return of seeds into the soil seed bank

    • Deplete weed seed reserves in the soil to minimise germination in subsequent years

    • Prevent or reduce the spread of weeds to keep problems away from non-problem areas

    Key products for weed control

    Take a field-by-field approach to choose the best herbicide option. Factor in weed spectrum and numbers, resistance status, weather conditions and rotation when building your herbicide programme. Bayer offers a range of herbicides with varied modes of action helping you achieve good results in the field.

      Large plastic bottle printed with a label of the Proclus logo

      Experience the aclonifen effect with Proclus

      Aclonifen is a unique mode of action for pre-emergence weed control in winter wheat and winter barley. Pair it with Liberator for excellent all round control.

      Discover the Aclonifen Effect
      Large plastic bottle printed with a label of the Liberator logo


      The long-standing benchmark for pre-em herbicides containing a combination of flufenacet and diflufenican. Still packs enough punch to deal with less serious weed problems by itself, combine it with Proclus, prosulfocarb or pendimethalin to get control in more difficult situations.

      More about Liberator


      Control weeds out of the crop using cultivation and glyphosate to reduce the weed burden germinating in the crop. Learn about how to get the best result by using Roundup formulations which are proven to work in the toughest conditions.

      View Roundup Hub
      Large plastic bottle printed with a label of the Alternator Met

      Alternator Met and Octavian Met

      A three-way co-form for use at pre-em and peri-em. A one-can solution for excellent control and resistance management containing metribuzin, flufenacet and diflufenican.

      Learn more about Alternator Met
      Large plastic bottle printed with a label of the Atlantis Star logo

      Atlantis Star

      The only post-em herbicide containing three grass-weed actives: mesosulfuron, iodosulfuron and thiencarbazone. It provides best in class control of black-grass and Italian rye-grass. For spring applications in autumn-sown wheat.

      More about Atlantis Star
      Large plastic bottle printed with a label of the Pacifica Plus logo

      Pacifica Plus

      Offering a good balance of grass-weed and broad-leaf weed control with mesosulfuron, iodosulfuron and amidosulfuron. For use in spring to tidy up mixed weed populations in wheat crops

      Learn more about Pacifica Plus
      Large plastic bottle printed with a label of the Atlantis OD logo

      Atlantis OD

      Autumn post-em applications are the optimum timing for hitting weeds at early growth stages. Atlantis OD (mesosulfuron + iodosulfuron) offers the best available control in an OD formulation that promotes uptake and efficacy of the herbicide.

      Discover Atlantis OD