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Bayer Amenity Herbicides

For nearly 50 years, Roundup® has been helping professionals globally to control problematic weeds safely and effectively. Ensuring our public spaces, railways, highways, and industrial areas are kept free from unwanted and damaging vegetation.


The first choice for non-selective weed control.
  • Amenity


    A foliar applied translocated herbicide for the control of emerged weeds in industrial and amenity situations, in forestry and on hard surfaces.

  • Amenity

    Roundup ProActive

    Roundup ProActive brings an advanced formulation which not only incorporates leading technical specifications for glyphosate, but also addresses stewardship aspects so vital now for glyphosate application.

  • Amenity

    Roundup ProVantage

    Roundup ProVantage is our latest amenity glyphosate product setting new and improved standards for the market.

Roundup Hub

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