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Proclus is an exciting step forward for pre-emergence control of black-grass in winter wheat. Based on the active aclonifen, Proclus is only available as part of a co-pack with Liberator (flufenacet + diflufenican) for farmers and spray operators to tank-mix themselves.

Mixes of Liberator plus Proclus provide 10-15% greater control of black-grass with more consistent performance compared to straight Liberator. There are also improvements in rye-grass and brome control of 5-10%.

Proclus is active on the soil surface and affects shoots as they emerge through the soil. The soil surface activity complements the activity of flufenacet in the rooting zone to get effective weed control in a range of conditions. Proclus is also fairly persistent so provides good protection during the autumn and early winter.

Proclus is a pre-emergence only herbicide so is not suitable for inclusion for residual top-ups later in the autumn or in tank-mixes with contact acting herbicides like Atlantis OD (mesosulfuron + iodosulfuron)

Why Proclus?

The pre-emergence timing is absolutely essential for effective black-grass control. Adding Proclus to Liberator provides a valuable improvement in control.

At the pre-em timing, it is common to tank-mix two or more products. This season (2020/21) Proclus is an additional and effective tank mix partner but in future seasons, Bayer expect to have a three-way co-formulation of aclonifen, flufenacet and diflufenican available. This will give farmers a highly effective pre-em herbicide in one can, easy to plan and easy to use.

The first season is an opportunity for farmers and agronomists to start using aclonifen and learn about the active before the co-formulated products become available.

Another attractive feature of Proclus is that it is a different mode of action to other common cereal grass weed herbicides and it has a low resistance risk. As a result, it is an important addition to ensure the long-term activity of flufenacet.


Getting the best from Proclus

Proclus is only to be used at the pre-emergence timing with Liberator. Follow the same guidance as Liberator applications at the true pre-emergence timing. Apply within 48 hours of drilling to a fine, consolidated seedbed free of trash or clods. Aclonifen is not as dependent on soil moisture as the flufenacet in Liberator so there is potentially a little more flexibility to use in dry conditions. However, the best results still come when applications are made with a little soil moisture around. 


Proclus as part of a programme

Before using Proclus to boost pre-emergence performance, make sure that all the correct cultural controls are in place to manage grass weeds. Delaying drilling into the second half of October and reducing depth of cultivation and level of soil disturbance at drilling are all important steps to prevent black-grass.

Delaying into October, also ensures soil moisture for flufenacet efficacy and means that residual protection extends into winter and may help contribute to winter kill of weeds if conditions are right.


Important things to remember

  • 10-15% improved black-grass control over straight Liberator.
  • Only available as part of a co-pack with Liberator to be mixed on farm.
  • 3-way co-formulated product with aclonifen, flufenacet and diflufenican expected next season.
  • Pre-em usage only for Proclus + Liberator mixes.
  • Approved for winter wheat crops only




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