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Product Overview

(Active substances: mesosulfuronmethyl, iodosulfuronmethyl-sodium and diflufenican)

Othello is the product that we recommend for outstanding post-emergence control of annual meadow-grass and broad-leaved weeds in winter wheat. It is the first ODesi oil dispersion herbicide that we have launched in the UK. Its unique formulation provides better retention, spreading and uptake by the weed leaf.

Why Othello?

Not only is Othello specifically designed with meadow-grass and broad-leaved weeds in mind, it can also be used at later growth stages right up to GS 31. This allows it to control bigger weeds throughout the season. 

Watch this short video about annual meadow-grass, 'what's the best timing and product for control?'

Main advantages

  • Provides outstanding post-emergence control of annual meadow-grass
  • Unique formulation gives both contact and residual control ensuring maximum effectiveness on both annual meadow-grass and a range of broad-leaved weeds
  • Can be used following a residual that has failed to control annual meadow-grass or broad-leaved weeds
  • Safe on all varieties of winter wheat
  • Flexible timing application from post-emergence of crop to GS 31

Getting the best from Othello

To get the best from Othello, we recommend that you use it in good growing conditions with adequate soil moisture when weeds are actively growing. It works best when we are going into a cold spell rather than just coming out of one. Allow two hours of fine weather after application to a dry leaf. To get the best residual control, the seedbed should be fine, firm, moist and without clods. Strict adherence to the tank-mix recommendations will ensure that crop effects are minimised.

Important things to remember

  • Othello should be used in conjunction with our highly effective adjuvant, biopower
  • Don’t use alongside chlorpyrifos as this may result in crop damage
  • Othello should not be applied to frosted, waterlogged or stressed crops
  • Avoid application to wet or ice-covered leaves as run-off may occur
  • Do not use Othello specifically for the control of annual grass-weeds other than meadow-grasses
  • Othello cannot be used in sequence or tank-mixed with other grass-weed ALS herbicides
  • Autumn-applied Othello can be used in sequence with Chekker (iodosulfuron and amidosulfuron) or Eagle (amidosulfuron) applied in spring
  • Spring-applied Othello can be used in sequence or tank-mixed with Chekker or Eagle

Othello Product Summary

Active substances (concentration) Mesosulfuron-methyl - 7.5g/L
Iodosulfuron-methyl-sodium - 2.5g/L
Diflufenican - 50g/L 
Mode of Action  Mesosulfuron and Iodosulfuron: ALS Inhibitors
 HRAC Resistance Group B
 Diflufenican: Inhibition of carotenoid synthesis (bleacher)
 HRAC Resistance Group F1
Formulation  ODesi (OD, Oil Dispersion) 
 Shake the container before use
Crops  Winter wheat (all varieties)
Maximum individual dose  1.0 L/ha
Maximum number of treatments  One per crop
Latest time of application  Before first node detectable stage (GS 31) of the crop
LERAP   Category B
Pack size  3 L (= 3ha pack)
MAPP Number 16149