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Othello provides post-emergence control of meadow-grass and range of broad-leaved weeds in winter wheat crops. It contains mesosulfuron, iodosulfuron and diflufenican which give it a wide spectrum of activity.

When can I use Othello?

Othello is approved for use at 1 L/ha from post-emergence until GS31 of the crop. It is usually used in spring to control meadow-grass and broad-leaved weed populations in crops that were not treated with a pre-emergence product. Susceptibility of weeds varies by growth stage so check the label carefully to time application correctly. Annual and rough-stalked meadow-grass are susceptible until GS23 of the weed.


What is the best advice for application?

Othello is foliar acting so application should be as a fine-medium spray so that it can land and dry on the leaves of weeds allowing the active substances to be taken in. Apply in 100-300 L/ha water with 1 L/ha biopower. Like other post-emergence products, active growth and drying time are critical for success. Target weeds must be actively growing when you make the application so that the active substances are taken in. Drying time is also important so that the herbicides isn't washed off the leaf by rain or dew. Aim to have at least 2 hours drying time after application but the longer the better particularly in cool or overcast weather when drying is likely to be protracted.


Does it control other grass weeds like black-grass?

Othello has activity against other grass weeds bu the dose is not strong enough so use Hamlet or Monolith if other weeds are a problem.


What can I tank mix with Othello?

In soft crops avoid the use of tank-mix partners with the potential to cause crop damage, such as EC fungicide formulations and HBN products (e.g. Oxytril CM). Mixes and sequences with chlorpyrifos and chlorothalonil should also be avoided. The tank mix sheet has full details about compatibility but if possible apply alone to get the best activity and maximum crop safety.


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