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MaisTer WG

MaisTer WG provides the highest control and widest spectrum of grass weed control in maize particularly on difficult grasses such as black-grass, barnyard grass, couch and annual meadow grass as well as broad-leaved weeds. Suitable for post-emergence applications in grain and forage maize crops.

When should I use MaisTer WG?

MaisTer can be used from the two-leaf stage (GS12) to six-leaf stage (GS16) of the crop. For optimum results, apply MaisTer WG during warm weather, when the soil is moist and the weeds actively growing. Dry conditions resulting in moisture stress may reduce effectiveness.


How do I apply MaisTer?

Apply 150g/ha of MaisTer in 200-400 L/ha water including 1% of adjuvant Mero. Use a fine-medium spray applied with 2.5-3 bar pressure at no more than 12 km/h. As a contact acting herbicide it is important that the spray lands and settles on the target leaf so it can take effect.


Does it have any crop effects?

Transitory crop effects (yellow, reddish-purple, white or necrotic patches) can occur following application of MaisTer WG. These effects are transitory in nature and will not affect yield. To reduce the potential for adverse crop effects MaisTer WG must only be applied to a healthy crop, not suffering from stress due to any factor reducing crop growth. Also, ensure that spray swaths do not overlap when applying MaisTer WG.


Is it safe for following crops?

MaisTer allows flexibility in the rotation if it is followed by a spring crop. In the year of application, only winter cereals can be sown in the same field after the maize is harvested. However, in the following spring, all crops can be grown - including root vegetables - without any specific cultivation requirements.


What can I tank mix with MaisTer?

MaisTer can be mixed with either a herbicide to increase the broad-leaved weed spectrum or a micronutrient product but not both at the same time. Refer to the tank mix sheet for more information.


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