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Artist is a powerful residual herbicide designed to give you effective pre-emergence control over a wide range of grass and broad-leaved weeds in early and main crop varieties of potatoes including seed potatoes.

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Why Artist?

Artist delivers extremely robust residual control of a broad spectrum of weeds in potato crops when applied pre-emergence of the crop.  Artist is highly effective against grass and broad-leaved weeds and is the most effective residual herbicide where mixed grass and broad-leaved weeds need to be targeted.  Where weeds have already emerged, we recommend adding a contact herbicide.


Main advantages

  • Class-leading control of cleavers
  • Effective control of a wide range of annual broad-leaved and grass-weeds
  • Helps control difficult grass-weeds in the rotation
  • Cost-effective
  • Applied pre-emergence, Artist protects right from the start
  • Simple to use, only one timing
  • No crop check
  • No label restriction on crops for processing

Getting the best from Artist

To achieve the best results from Artist and improve uptake via the roots of germinating weeds, ensure soils are sufficiently moist at or shortly after application. Effectiveness will be reduced under dry conditions. Residual activity may be reduced on peaty or organic soils, or mineral soils with a high organic matter content.

Artist should be applied pre-emergence of crop and weeds, and before there are any visible sign of potato shoots appearing. As soon as the soil has settled, apply Artist evenly to both sides of the potato ridges which should be well-rounded and contain few clods.


Important things to remember

  • Don’t use Artist on stony or gravelly soils as there is a risk of crop damage, especially if heavy rain falls soon after application
  • Avoid spray drift onto neighbouring crops, particularly sensitive crops such as lettuce and brassicas
  • Avoid cultivations after spraying as this will encourage further weed germination and reduce the residual activity of Artist
  • Don’t treat any crops grown on sands or Maris Piper or Santa grown on ‘Very Light Soils’ (ADAS ‘85 Classification)

Artist as part of a programme

Where the weeds have already emerged, we recommend using Artist in conjunction with a contact herbicide.

Artist variety use information

All commercially available potato varieties may be treated with Artist before crop emergence, except Fambo and crops grown on ‘Sands’.

Do NOT treat Shepody, Maris Piper or Sante grown on ‘Sands’ or ‘Very Light Soils’ (ADAS ‘85 Classification).

For information on VR808 and Innovator, or for new potato varieties please contact the Bayer Crop Science technical helpline on 0808 1969 522, or your Artist distributor.


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