Yield improvement of AscraXpro over Adexar in contrasting seasons

Across 5 contrasting seasons, Ascra has yielded more than Adexar in nearly 70% of trials.


Synopsis of the seasons as detailed by Crop Monitor
2013: Late winter and cold dry spring.  2nd lowest levels of Septoria recorded in 46 years.
2014: Wet winter into spring.  Highest levels of Septoria seen on L1 & 2 since 1985.
2015: Cool and dry, late season.  3rd lowest levels of Septoria recorded on the top 2 leaves since records began in 1970.
2016: Untypical weather patterns, wetter and cooler in the East, late disease season…


50 trials independent and internal.  T2 applications. 

Septoria being the predominant disease.

Note, in 2013, Ascra 1.2L/ha not available, therefore data for Ascra 1.5 L/ha used instead.  Various T1 treatments but common for each individual comparison. 

Synopsis on disease levels from Crop Monitor.