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Potatoes and soil


Infinito gives you control of all stages of the blight life cycle, as well as providing long-lasting control of foliar and tuber blight in order to maximise yields in your potato crop.

Product details

A protectant and systemic fungicide used to control late blight in potatoes.

Product Profile

Active substance

62.5 g/L fluopicolide + 625 g/L propamocarb hydrochloride


Suspension Concentrate

Pack Size

10 Litres

Water Volume

200-400 L/ha

Buffer Zone




Important Information



Max. individual dose

1.6L product per hectare

Max. total dose

6.4 L product per hectare per crop

Latest time of application

7 days before harvest

* Infinito also has a wide range of EAMUs (See When and how to apply) Restrictions To protect ground water do not apply this or any other product containing fluopicolide at a rate of more than 400 g/ha in any three year period.

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    A pre-emergence herbicide for the control of annual broad-leaved weeds in potatoes, with EAMUs enabling pre- and post-emergence use in numerous vegetable crops.

  • Insecticides

    Velum Prime

    Velum Prime is a nematicide for use in potato and carrot crops. It is a liquid formulation and has no statutory harvest interval.

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