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Pacifica Plus

A highly active herbicide (a combination of three sulfonylurea herbicides) with foliar and some root activity against black-grass, wild oats, rye-grasses, bromes, meadow-grass, cleavers, common chickweed, mayweeds, charlock and volunteer oilseed rape in winter wheat.

When should I apply Pacifica Plus?

Use Pacifica Plus in the spring to control grass weeds and broad-leaf weeds in winter wheat crops. You can apply 0.4kg/ha from 1 February and 0.5kg/ha from 1 March until GS 39 of the crop – flag leaf fully unrolled, ligule just visible.


What weeds does it control?

Pacifica Plus controls black-grass, Italian ryegrass and brome species and several other common grass weeds. The amidosulfuron component is effective against a range of broad-leaf weeds including common chickweed, mayweeds, charlock and volunteer oilseed rape.


What are the advantages of Pacifica Plus?

Pacifica Plus provides grass weed and broad-leaf weed control in an effective three-way formulation. This may mean there is no need to mix in additional products or treat broad-leaf weeds later in the season with another spray. This eases workload and simplifies planning ahead of the fungicide programme which is the main focus of wheat crop protection in later spring.


Is it effective against resistant black-grass and Italian ryegrass?

Pacifica Plus is based on mesosulfuron, the same main active as in Pacifica and Atlantis so it also faces challenges with resistant populations. Resistance testing to understand the type and extent of resistance can ensure Pacifica Plus is used effectively to reduce the weed and seed burden carried forward to harvest.


How do I apply Pacifica Plus?

Pacifica Plus is a contact-acting herbicides which needs to settle and dry on the target leaf to allow the active to be taken in by the weed. To achieve this a fine or fine-medium spray is required. Forward speeds no more than 12 km/h ensure boom stability and prevent excessive turbulence which can prevent the active settling on the leaf.

Suitable conditions are essential for successful application. Active growth, a dry or drying leaf and sufficient drying time after application are all necessary.


What can I tank mix with Pacifica Plus?

For best results, Pacifica Plus + biopower adjuvant should be applied alone. But it is safe to mix with certain fungicides and herbicides, refer to the tank mix sheet (LINK) for more details.


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