Key Oilseed Rape Products


Chinook is the standard insecticide seed treatment providing you with protection for winter and spring oilseed rape at establishment against cabbage stem flea beetle.

HY-PRO Duet is a fungicide seed treatment for winter oilseed rape. It gives you control of the most important diseases including damping off diseases and Phoma.

Modesto is our leading insecticide seed treatment for winter oilseed rape. It provides you with enhanced protection against autumn pest attacks and helps to control aphid-transmitted diseases such as Turnip Yellows Virus (TuYV).

Insect and slug control

Biscaya is our systemic insecticide that can help you to control pollen beetle.

Draza forte is the slug pellet that we recommend for all-weather use.

Disease control and yield building

Proline275 can be used throughout your disease control programme and gives you outstanding performance on Phoma and light leaf spot in the autumn, as well as providing cost-effective activity against Sclerotinia at flowering.

As well as being effective against light leaf spot, Folicur also provides canopy management in oilseed rape.