Improving establishment and yield in forage maize

As a late drilled spring crop good early establishment and vigour are essential in forage maize crops to maximise yields of dry matter.


Corvids (Crows, Rooks) can seriously reduce crop stand attacking both seeds and young plants.

Soil pests, especially wireworms, lower both germination and plant vigour particularly in poor conditions where crops are struggling to get away.

Only drill crops once seedbeds are ready and soils warm enough to encourage strong early growth.

Treating seed with Mesurol® will deter corvid feeding

Treating seeds with Poncho® and Mesurol will give the best possible protection against both soil pests including wireworms and bird damage.

wireworm damage on maizeWireworm damage on maize
damaged maizeDamaged maize

Relative Biomass and Relative Crop Yield

poncho permformance graph