Ascra is a fungicide formulation for wheat growers that provides excellent foliar, stem-base and ear disease control, greening and a physiological crop boost for maximising yield potential.

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What is AscraXpro

AscraXpro is a unique formulation of two SDHI fungicides – bixafen and fluopyram – and the leading azole fungicide prothioconazole.

Controlling Septoria requires a robust and well-timed fungicide programme, starting with a T0 spray two to four weeks before the T1 application at GS 31-32.

Product choice at these earlier timings will depend on disease resistance characteristics of the wheat variety, drilling date, weather and disease pressure leading up to, and at the point of, application.

However, the T2 fungicide at GS 37-39 consistently sees the greatest yield response and is where the best chemistry should be used to achieve optimum disease control, maintain green leaf area and maximise output.

The inclusion of fluopyram in AscraXpro offers increased curativity over Aviator 235Xpro, providing more consistent control of latent Septoria on the all-important top two leaves, plus more flexibility on application timing if challenging spray conditions delay treatment.

This is aided by its Leafshield formulation, which provides superior leaf coverage, penetration and rainfastness for a bigger and better spray window and fewer worries about the weather.

Although fighting Septoria is the key strength of AscraXpro, it also gives excellent control of yellow and brown rust, Fusarium inoculum and mildew, while providing plants with a physiological boost through greening, improved rooting and greater drought stress tolerance.

All these impressive attributes result in AscraXpro giving an additional 0.3t/ha yield over Adexar (epoxiconazole + fluxapyroxad)*, which has been proven in independent trials, and helps to dilute cost and maximise profits.

*Average of 14 independent and Bayer trials in 2016

Fungicide resistance

Unlike other SDHI-azole co-formulations on the market, AscraXpro is a well-rounded product that contains the best Septoria-controlling azole, prothioconazole, and two differing SDHIs.

Bixefen comes from the pyrazole-4-carboxamide sub-class of SDHIs, while fluopyram is a pyridinil-ethyl benzamide, and initial laboratory evidence suggests each active selects for a different profile of SDHI-insensitive Septoria isolates. However, the high rate of prothioconazole in the product is crucial for resistance management, not having two complementary SDHIs.

When applied at 1.2 L/ha, AscraXpro delivers 80% dose of prothioconazole alongside the two SDHIs and all components work together to help slow development of resistance and maintain efficacy for future use.

Multi-site fungicides can be mixed with AscraXpro at T2, however, they remain most beneficial earlier in the programme at T0 and T1.

However, CTL should be left out where the T2 is delayed and extra curativity is required.

In brief – AscraXpro key attributes

  • Unique formulation of two SDHIs and leading azole prothioconazole
  • Best-in-class control of Septoria – the UK’s most damaging wheat disease
  • Controls yellow and brown rust, mildew and stem-base diseases
  • Delivers physiological benefits including greening, improved rooting and drought tolerance
  • Leafshield formulation gives improved leaf coverage, penetration and rainfastness
  • Three complementary actives that help to slow the development of fungicide resistance in both SDHI and azole groups
  • Can be used with multi-site fungicides in protectant situations
  • Delivers 0.3t/ha yield over current market standards for improved profitability

Getting the best from AscraXpro

  • To get the most out of AscraXpro, it should be used at T2 after a T0 application two to four weeks before a well-timed T1 at GS 31-32.
  • Use 1.2 L/ha of AscraXpro +/- a multisite fungicide if T2 is well-timed
  • If T2 is significantly delayed and/or more curative activity is required, use 1.5 L/ha of AscraXpro without the multi-site fungicide

Important things to remember

  • AscraXpro will give a physiological boost to plants through greening and improved root development, even in the absence of disease.
  • Apply AscraXpro in 100-300 L/ha of water. Higher volumes should be used in dense crops to ensure good canopy penetration. Disease control may be compromised when using reduced water volumes