Key Barley Products


Redigo is the leading fungicide seed treatment that can be used on all cereals. It helps to ensure excellent establishment, and protects your crops from the broadest spectrum of seed-borne diseases.

Redigo Deter is a combination insecticide and fungicide seed treatment for use on winter cereals including winter barley. It can help you to maximise healthy crop establishment, and reduce slug damage in the early growth stages especially in wheat. It provides extended protection against Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus.

Slug control

Draza forte is the slug pellet that we recommend for all-weather use.

Weed control

Liberator is widely recognised as the leading pre-emergence herbicide for early control of grass-weeds and broad-leaved weeds.

Chekker is our unique formulation that provides excellent control of cleavers and a wide range of broad-leaved weeds. Eagle can also be used for controlling cleavers and Oxytril CM is our non-ALS herbicide that offers control of a wide range of broad-leaved weeds.

Disease control and yield building

Fandango is widely recognised as the class-leading fungicide for use in barley. It gives you a cost-effective and consistent performance that is unrivalled by any other one-pack product and treats the broadest spectrum of diseases.

SiltraXpro is a new one-pack fungicide for treatment of barley using our new Xpro technology, especially designed for use in crops with high yield potential or in high disease pressure situations.