Weed control in fodder beet with Betanal maxxPro

Betanal MaxxPro sets a new benchmark for weed control, outstanding crop safety and maximum convenience with its advanced patented oil dispersion (OD) formulation incorporating Bayer CropScience’s patented Double-A technology

Betanal maxxpro

Key features include:

  • Enhanced and highly consistent control of a wide weed spectrum.
  • Optimised spreading and coverage for class-leading weed control.
  • Fast and reliable uptake for rapid action.
  • Wide window of application over a range of weed growth stages.
  • Flexible use in a range of water volumes.
  • Top class yields and return on investment for the grower.
  • Excellent crop safety.
Active substance Desmedipham 47g/L, ethofumesate 75g/L, lenacil 27g/L, phenmedipham 60g/L
Formulation Oil dispersion (OD)
crops Sugar beet, fodder beet and mangels
pack size 10L
maximum individual dose 1.5 L/ha
maximum individual dose 4.5 L/ha
latest time of application Before crop meets between the rows
water volume 80 – 200 L/ha
Local Environmental Risk Assessment for Pesticides (LERAP) none

What to do

  • Always apply as a FINE quality spray in a water volume of 80-200 L/ha.
  • Avoid spray drift onto non-crop plants outside areas being sprayed. The risk of drift is greater when a fine quality spray is used

Dose rates and timings.


Minimum crop stage / recommended dose rate (L/kg/ha)


Trigger weed species for partner product


From fully expanded


From 2 true leaves


Betanal maxxPro alone 1.25 1.5

Broad-spectrum broadleaved weed control + annual meadow-grass

Betanal maxxPro + metamitron

1.25 +1.0 1.25/1/5 + 1.0

Mayweeds, annual meadow-grass, knotgrass, fat-hen, field pansy, small nettle, volunteer oilseed rape

Betanal maxxPro + clopyralid





Larger mayweeds,

thistles, volunteer


Betanal maxxPro may be used in sequence with a pre-emergence application of a chloridazon based herbicide at the recommended dose rate for the soil type.

Weed spectrum controlled:

Annual meadow-grass Corn marigold Knotweed
Black-bindweed Corn spurrey Mayweeds
Black nightshade Crane's-bill Pale persicaria
Bugloss Fat-hen Red dead-nettle
Charlock Field pansy Redshank
Cleavers Field penny-cress Scarlet pimpernel
Common chickweed Groundsel Small nettle
Common field speedwell Henbit dead nettle Volunteer oliseed rape
Common fumitory Ivy-leaved speedwell Wild radish
Common orache    

Double-A technology

AA advanced formulation technology

  • Optimises spreading and coverage.
  • Ensures even distribution of the active substance with fast, reliable uptake.
  • Optimised adjuvant system in the OD formulation makes the addition of further oil or adjuvant unnecessary

AA Activation technology.

  • Micro rate of lenacil significantly enhances herbicidal performance of the active substances.
  • Leads to accelarated and enhanced weed control.