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Emergency authorisation for Movento will reduce virus yellows risk, says Bayer

Movento gains emergency authorisation for use on non-Cruiser SB treated crops

Movento (spirotetramat; MAPP no. 18435), the systemic insecticide from Bayer, has been granted an emergency authorisation (EA) for the control of peach-potato aphid (Myzus persicae) in sugar beet. The EA follows an application from NFU Sugar and British Sugar to the Chemicals Regulation Directorate in March of this year.

The news will be welcomed by growers given reports from the BBRO that the number of winged and wingless aphids being found in crops is rising, especially those not treated with Cruiser SB (thiamethoxam). 

The EA comes with several conditions, all of which are obligatory. These are:

  • Movento can only be applied to non-Cruiser SB treated crops;
  • Movento can only be applied for the control of peach-potato aphid to prevent virus yellows infection;
  • Movento can only be applied to crops that have already received a two-spray programme comprising of Insyst (acetamiprid) and Teppeki (flonicamid);
  • Movento can only be applied where the relevant aphid thresholds are identified:
  • Up to 12 true leaves: 1 green wingless aphid per 4 plants
  • Between 12 and 16 true leaves: 1 green wingless aphid per plant
  • A buffer zone of 5 metres to non-cropped land must be respected;
  • Growers must comply with any resistance management or restrictions stated on the product label;
  • The emergency authorisation applies to sugar beet crops in England only.

The EA (0949 of 2022) does not specify a maximum number of treatments that can be applied to a crop but does list a latest time of application of up to and including, the 16 true leaf stage (BBCH 39).

Antonia Walker, Bayer campaign manager for roots, welcomed news of the emergency authorisation.

The peach-potato aphid is a prolific vector of the three viruses causing the diseases beet yellows virus, beet mild yellowing virus and beet chlorosis virus;  all of which have the potential to devastate sugar beet crops. The 2022 season is on course to be a high-pressure year for the disease as was evidenced by the emergency authorisation for thiamethoxam earlier this year. For a significant number of growers, however, this was not an option so being able to apply Movento as a third insecticide will help to reduce the risk and see the crop through its most vulnerable stage,” says Miss Walker.

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