Unicur is our leading fungicide for use in bulb onions and shallots, giving you unrivalled control of downy mildew (Peronospora destructor) and reduction of bacterial rots associated with this disease. It also controls leaf blight (Botryotinia squamosa, anamorph Botryis squamosa) and has activity against Botrytis, Cladosporium, Stemphylium and Puccinia species. Combining the powerful strobilurin, fluoxastrobin with the triazolinthione, prothioconazole (tzt technology), Unicur strengthens plant health for better bulb quality from field to store.

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(Active substances: prothioconazole and fluoxastrobin)

Why Unicur?

In development trials Unicur has shown unrivalled performance against onion downy mildew. In severe trial tests it achieved 95 per cent control of downy mildew, compared to the best mancozeb-based product at less than 40 per cent control. It also increased yield - assessed on the basis of 100-bulb weights - by 20 to 50 per cent over bulbs that were untreated.

The combination of active substances in Unicur also delivers a physiological boost that makes onion bulbs more resilient to the development of bacterial rots in storage.

Main advantages

  • Strongest strobilurin and DMI combination for bulb onions
  • Unbeatable protection against downy mildew
  • tzt technology works with strobilurin for better plant health and resilience

Getting the best from Unicur

Unicur should be used on bulb onions at a dose of 1.25 L/ha. Four applications are approved per season from the beginning of bulb formation with the latest application at 10% of leaves bent over. Apply from mid-season to optimise ‘greening’ and quality-enhancing effects and alternate with products containing other modes of action for resistance management .

Important things to remember

Remember to follow FRAC guidelines, especially for strobilurins (QoI) based formulations:

  • Two Unicur in 6 sprays
  • Three Unicur in 9 sprays
  • Four Unicur in 12 sprays

Unicur as part of a programme

For sustained control, always use in a programme with other modes of actions with a maximum of four sprays on label and no more than two applied consecutively.

Mancozeb-based products have been shown to be the best alternation partners with Unicur for downy mildew control.

Unicur product summary

Active substance Fluoxastrobin + Prothioconazole
Crops Bulb onions*
Maximum individual dose 1.25 L/ha
Maximum total dose 5 litres
Latest time of application Up to 10% of leaves bent over
Water volume 200 - 500 L/ha
Pack size 5 litre