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Roundup ProActive

Roundup ProActive brings an advanced formulation which not only incorporates leading technical specifications for glyphosate, but also addresses stewardship aspects so vital now for glyphosate application.

Product details

Product Details

Roundup® ProActive is a patented potassium salt formulation containing 360gai/l glyphosate and a unique blend of two surfactants. The optimised blend of surfactants delivers highly efficient activity at the leaf surface and a synergistic improvement in glyphosate uptake and overall performance. Roundup® ProActive incorporates a high technical specification and the formulation has been designed to address stewardship aspects, so vital now for glyphosate application.

Ideal for Tough Conditions

  • Improved reliability, even in hot and dry or cool and dry weather conditions.

  • Helps make the most of good weather windows.

Reduced Drift Formulation

  • Reduces risk of damage to neighbouring plants, shrub and flowers.

  • Reduces the risk of bystander exposure.

  • Reduces the risk of direct contamination of surface water.

Rainfast in 1 Hour

  • Rainfast in 1 hour for annuals and 4 hours for perennials.

  • Improved glyphosate penetration to the roots and growing points.

Ideal for hard water areas

  • Reliable performance in hard water conditions.

  • No need for the cost of additional water conditioners.

Pack sizes available

  • 20L

  • 5L

  • 1L

  • Amenity


    A foliar applied translocated herbicide for the control of emerged weeds in industrial and amenity situations, in forestry and on hard surfaces.

  • Amenity

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    Roundup ProVantage is our latest amenity glyphosate product setting new and improved standards for the market.

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