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Nematode control: six steps that will protect potatoes from PCN and FLN

Key steps:

Research indicates that once PCN has been detected it can remain viable in that soil for at least 40 years, but that spontaneous hatching even in the absence of potatoes means there is a natural rate of decline. This is reckoned to be at its greatest in the first 10 years. Consequently, the AHDB suggests rotations of at least 6.5 years as a necessary first step to successfully managing populations.  Rates of decline, however, vary depending on the species present and soil type while incorporating other methods of control may improve rates of decline, so management should be devised on a field specific basis.


Table 1: Estimated number of years to reduce infestation levels to an acceptable level


P (eggs per gram of soil)





 Decline rate

(% per annum)
















Reproduced from AHDB Potatoes 1240001 FINAL Report

We highly recommend:

  • Insecticides

    Velum Prime

    Velum Prime is a nematicide for use in potato and carrot crops. It is a liquid formulation and has no statutory harvest interval.

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