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Movento (active substance: spirotetramat) uses a mode of action unique to vegetables and two-way systemicity in brassica, carrot, lettuce, parsnip, swede and turnip crops to control hidden sucking pests that no other product can reach.

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Why use Movento

Sucking pests are a major cause of crop losses in brassicas and lettuce, especially those hidden ones which get deep down into the heart leaves or are shielded by other leaves.

Only Movento is unique in moving both up and down the plant, thanks to its two-way systemic action.

This means the active substance, spirotetramat, moves to areas of new growth to reach even hidden pests in heart leaves and on roots.

Main advantages

  • Unique two-way movement
  • Salad and brassica crops including collards and kale
  • Safe to beneficials
  • Thorough control of sucking pests
  • Protects the entire plant
  • No known resistance

Getting the best from Movento

Movento works best under good growing conditions which usually occur between May and September. Therefore, apply Movento when the plant is actively growing and there’s good movement of plant sap in the phloem with pests actively feeding.

Important things to remember

  • Active plant growth is needed for full mobility
  • Acitve substance moves in phloem to new growth
  • Mature leaves only benefit from direct application
  • Water volumes are not critical, higher volumes may help to reach and provide better cover of mature leaves (which do not benefit from redistribution in the plant)
  • Only two applications per crop approved
  • Use in conjunction with other modes of action for mutual protection against resistance development

Using Movento as part of a programme

Always use Movento as part of an integrated pest management programme for sustainable effective control.


Give your veg the edge:

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