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Botrytis (Grey Mould)

Botrytis leaf symptoms, pod infection & Botrytis on peas caused by petal lodging




Peas and most other crop and weed species.


Rotting of leaves, stems, flowers or pods and 'chalky' discoloured peas.


Botrytis is a weak parasite which can only enter plant tissue which is damaged or diseased. It is spread by the remains of damp, infected flower petals which is damaged or diseased. It is spread by the remains of damp, infected flower petals which stick to the stems and pods after pod set. Botrytis is a prolific producer of air-borne spores which are ubiquitous in the environment.

Favourable Factors

Wet weather and high humidity towards the end of flowering


Reduction in pea quality with a subsequent reduction in value or possible rejection by processors.


There are no resistant varieties

The usage of shorter strawed varieties may reduce the spread of disease

Foliar fungicides at mid-flowering to protect pods. A second application 3 weeks later might be required as a follow-up

Identification and Management of pea and bean diseases

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