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DK Excited packaging

DK Excited

DK Excited has the agronomic flexibility to make the most of seasonal uncertainties with the greatest reliability.

Product details

  • First place in 14-site field-scale 2022 grower trials with an average treated seed yield of 5.07t/ha under a range of commercial regimes.

  • Rapid but not over-fast autumn development to get away from autumn challenges with the least risk of excessive pre-winter canopy growth.

  • Fast spring regrowth for the most reliable compensation for winter weather and pest damage.

  • Valuable Nitrogen Use Efficiency (NUE) advantages over other varieties in trials for two years in a row.

  • Good light leaf spot, stem canker, verticillium and TuYV resistance with strong standing power for the greatest management flexibility.

  • Original Dekalb pod shatter resistance, maximising combining flexibility while minimising seed losses in the run-up to and at harvest.

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    DK Excentric

    DK Excentric’s combination of performance and agronomy gives the greatest possible output assurance.

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    DK Expansion

    DK Expansion has a very high yield and very high oil potential along with solid agronomic characteristics.

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    DK Expectation

    DK Expectation combines TuYV resistance with all-round agronomic strength to minimise commercial production risk.

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    DK Exposé

    DK Exposé is the standout variety for those wanting the best performance and workload balance in their oilseed rape growing.

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    DK Exstar

    Continuing to prove the value of all-round agronomic strength with reliable trial and farm performance at the highest level.

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    DK Exsteel

    DK Exsteel is the first choice for those who want proven consistency at the highest level of performance, and one of the best varieties for later as well as main season sowing.

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    DK Extremus

    Rapid autumn and early spring development make DK Extremus one of the best varieties at dealing with weather and pest challenges.

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    DK Imove CL

    DK Imove CL stands out in the Clearfield sector for its combination of rapid autumn and fast spring development, giving the greatest pest and weather tolerance

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    DK Imprint CL

    The Only UK-Recommended Clearfield. DK Imprint CL is the new generation Clearfield leader.

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    DK Pledge

    Out-yielding the leading clubroot resistant variety on the 2023/24 RL in European trials, and with a clearly better agronomic profile.

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    V367OL is a new HOLL variety that has been shown to give significantly higher yields than existing products along with faster autumn and spring development and pod shatter resistance.

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