Smooth meadow-grass

Poa pratensis

Smooth-stalked meadow-grass


Widespread, preferring well drained sandy, gravelly and loamy soils - frequently more alkaline. Less important and less competitive than rough meadow-grass but locally troublesome.


A very variable tufted perennial usually at crop height 10- 90 cm.  Spreads by short slender rhizomes. Lower stem base and leaf sheaths usually smooth. Duller and darker than rough meadow-grass, with blunter leaves. Flowering head is branched and spreading but can be contracted and dense. Spikelets are small and awnless.


Smooth meadow-grass liguleLower - very short. Upper - short 1- 3 mm.










Auricles: Absent.

Leaf blade: Dull green or greyish-green with boat-shaped tip. Upper ribless and dull; lower keeled. Hairless with 'tramlines' and folded in shoot.

Smooth meadow-grass 1
Smooth meadow-grass 2
Smooth meadow-grass ligule photoSmooth meadow-grass ligule
Smooth Meadow-grass - matureSmooth meadow-grass flower heads