Common bent

Agrostis Capillaris

Common bent-grass, Brown top


Abundant and widely found in permanent grassland throughout the UK and Europe, particularly in nutrient poor upland areas. Cultivated for use in lawn grasses especially for short fine turf.


Germinates spring to autumn. Perennial up to 70 cm, forms very loose tufts with short rhizomes (summer), rarely stolons (autumn). Youngest leaf rolled. Multi-branched panicle, spikelets small, numerous, without awns. Flowers June to August.


Common bent - liguleShort or absent (up to 2 mm), truncate to pointed.









Auricles: Absent.

Leaf blade: Hairless dull, slightly shiny below, short and tapers to a sharp point.

Common bent - 1
Common bent - 2
Common bent - young 2Common bent seedling. Photo © Blackthorn arable.
Common bent 3Flower heads. Photo © Alamy Ltd.



Common bent - matureClose up of spikelets. Photo © Alamy Ltd.