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Emerger approved for use in pulses

Emerger, the pre-emergence residual herbicide with activity against a range of common broadleaved weed species, can now be applied in field beans (winter and spring) and combining peas. The aurtorisation does not include vining peas.

The news will likely be welcomed by growers given the low number of pre-emergece herbicides authorised for use in these crops, explained Richard Phillips, Bayer campaign manager for roots and horticulture crops.

“As the only aclonifen product on the market, the authorisation for Emerger in peas and beans means growers have access to a herbicide with a broad-spectrum of activity. Its novel mode of action – HRAC group 32 – will also support efforts to promote resistance management,” Mr Phillips says.

Among broad-leaved weeds, Emerger offers good activity on fat-hen, redshank, black bindweed, mayweeds, charlock, chickween and poppy as well as moderate control of black-grass (from seed).

“Emerger is primarily absorbed by the shoot of germinating weeds, this is advantageous in dry weather conditions such as those that typically occur in the spring when seeking to establish spring crops,” Mr Phillips adds.

To promote all-round weed control and protect efficacy, Bayer will support Emerger in mixes with one other herbicide so long as minimum application rates are observed (see table).

“It is prudent to ensure Emerger is partnered with a product belonging to another mode of action group to support effective control and protect efficacy. Depending on the crop and the weed spectrum to be managed, we have identified those products and inclusion rates that give growers the greatest means possible of achieving the control they desire,” Mr Phillips says.

Emerger tank-mix compatibility for peas and beans (spring 2024)*


Active substance


imazamox + pendimethalin



Stomp Aqua


Centium 300 CS


Sirtaki CS


Stallion Sync Tec

clomazone + pendimethalin

*= Bayer supports the physical compatibility of Emerger tank mixes with one other herbicide subject to authorised use in relevant crop

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