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DK Exsteel stands out in Agrii northern iFarm variety trials

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DK Exsteel stands out in Agrii northern iFarm variety trials

With oil contents in from all four of Agrii’s northern iFarm trials comparing at least eight current and up-and-coming varieties, DK Exsteel has matched one of the newest TuYV resistant hybrids for gross output, leaving other competitors trailing in its wake.

The large strips were established under a range of regimes and managed strictly commercially on each farm with total nitrogen applications varying from 190kg/ha to 250kg/ha. Yields across the four sites averaged just a fraction under 5t/ha with oils within a whisker of 46% to deliver an average gross output of 5.36t/ha – varying from 3.73t/ha at Bishop Burton in Yorkshire which was badly affected by  both cabbage stem flea beetle and slugs to 6.54t/ha under far better establishment conditions at Carnoustie near Dundee.

DK Exsteel tied with LG Auckland for the top spot overall, each hybrid delivering gross outputs of 6.03t/ha of over 112% of the eight-variety mean. Only two other varieties – Aardvark (103%) and Ambassador (101%) – produced gross outputs above the trial average, both at least 0.5t/ha down on the leaders.

As well as being one of only three varieties with an average treated seed yield of over 5t/ha, DK Exsteel stood out for a noticeably average higher oil content (46.9%) than any other variety. It was the only variety in the top two for gross output at every site too.  And it markedly outperformed its leadership rival for the top slot on the two direct drilled sites, which were also the highest yielding.

“DK Exsteel showed one of the highest levels of autumn vigour at Carnoustie. And both here and at Bishop Burton it had one of the largest spring GAIs,” notes Agrii northern trials manager, Jim Carswell.

“Its flowering was very much in the middle of the pack overall and we recorded few noticeable disease problems. The hybrid’s particular standing power was evident at Bishop Burton where wet and windy conditions throughout the second half of July led to serious lodging in most other varieties. “Our strip trials this season reinforce the particular faith we’ve had in DK Exsteel for a good while now. Seeing it performing at the same level or better than two of today’s most popular TuYV resistant hybrids without carrying the trait speaks volumes for its overall agronomic strength-in-depth.”

We highly recommend:

  • OSR

    DK Exsteel

    DK Exsteel is the first choice for those who want proven consistency at the highest level of performance, and one of the best varieties for later as well as main season sowing.

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