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Yorkshire fog

Holcus lanatus




Medium: 1-4mm. Blunt and hairy.

Leaf blade

Pale greyish-green narrowing to a fine point. Very hairy and velvet to touch. Rolled.


Tufted very hairy perennial 20-100 cm. Veins of basal leaf sheaths are pinkish-red. Flower heads are whitish, pale green, pinkish or purple. No rhizomes.


Very common and widespread on a broad range of soil types. Not usually an arable problem but may spread in set-aside ground. Of some value for grazing when young.


Established plants do not grow through the winter bur form new shoots in the spring. Seeds can germinate rapidly and are viable across a wide temperature range. The seed is, however, small and while it can travel long distances on the wind seedling vigour is poor.


Yorkshire fog is seldom a problem within crops. Populations can be managed through spring cropping and deep cultivations.

Yorkshire fog - seedling.

Yorkshire fog - seedling.

Yorkshire fog ligule.

Yorkshire fog flower heads.