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Creeping bent

Agrostis stolonifera



Leaf blade

Green, greyish or bluish tinge. Long and narrow, tapering to acute point. Hairless but minutely rough. Rolled when young, flat later.

Creeping bent ligule © Alamy Ltd


Long: up to 5mm. Roundly pointed tip.


Tufted perennial 30-60 cm. Spreads by surface rooting stolons. Distinguished from Common couch by longer ligule, lack of auricles and fine leaves. Flower head is a narrow pyramid of cylindrical shape, spreading when in flower but closed up when mature. Spikelets are small, narrow, single flowered and awnless.


Very common in all arable areas occurring on light and heavy soils. May become a problem on lighter soils.

Creeping bent mature plant

Creeping bent mature plant

Creeping bent flower heads

Creeping bent flower heads © Blackthorn arable.

Creeping bent ligule