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Shaggy Soldier

Galinsoga ciliata


Shaggy Soldier is localised in England and rare in Wales and Scotland – favouring warmer climates with heavy, clay soil which can be found in its native environment of South America. Member of the Compositae.

1. The cotyledons are broader (5-7 mm) than they are long (5 mm), blunt-ended and 'quadrangular' in shape, with a slightly indented tip (apex).

2. The first true leaves are rounded/triangular in shape, widest at the stem with upper leaves being toothed, veined and hairy. The leaves are a pale green not to be confused with Gallant soldier (Galinsoga parviflora) which are a darker shade of green.

3. Stem is usually erect, with thick ‘shaggy’ hairs especially prevalent towards the top. Upright growth which can reach a height of up to 60 cm.

4. The flowers consist of small composite yellow flower heads, up to 1cm across, with five separate 3-toothed white ray florets.

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