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Raxil Star

Get consistent, high grain quality in winter barley with Raxil Star (active substances: prothioconazole, tebuconazole and fluopyram). With a low application dose, it helps ensure excellent establishment and improves crop performance with control of loose smut and leaf stripe, as well as activity against Fusarium and Microdochium.

Raxil Star

Diseases controlled

Fusarium seedling blight/stem base browning

Improves crop establishment and health of stem bases by reducing the symptoms of seedling blight and stem base browning caused by Microdochium nivale.

Loose smut

Controls loose smut caused by Ustilago nuda fsp. hordei.

Covered smut (rare in the UK & Ireland)

Controls covered smut caused by Ustilago hordei.

Leaf stripe

Controls leaf stripe caused by Pyrenophora graminea.

Seed-borne net blotch

Controls net blotch caused by seed-borne infections of Pyrenophora teres.


Use in programmes

Start off your winter barley with Raxil Star: check out the recommended programme below. Use follow-up broad-spectrum herbicides such as Liberator and SiltraXpro or Fandango fungicides for the best finish.

Winter _barley


Seed- and soil-borne diseases

In the modern age of highly effective single purpose dressings (SPDs), such as Raxil Star, it can be easy to forget some of the seed- and soil-borne diseases that used to devastate crops. Extreme weather conditions and the sowing of undressed seed have seen a resurgence in some of these diseases, making vigilantly checking and protecting crops all the more important. 

Click here for a guide which will help make sure you know your bunt from your ergot.



Update on loose smut

Last year’s outbreak of loose smut in winter barley treated with various different fungicidal seed treatments does not appear to have been caused by resistance developing to the active ingredients in the seed treatments.

Initial laboratory studies by Bayer on barley seed stocks used in outbreak fields and confirmed by seed testing prior to the lab studies as infected with loose smut, have shown no evidence of resistance. However, we cannot exclude sensitivity changes.


For the latest on loose smut click here. There's also support on identifying loose smut, and other seed- and soil-borne diseases here.


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