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In a trial investigating the performance of products for the control of onion thrips (Thrips tabaci), Movento (spirotetramat) in combination with bio-insecticide Flipper (fatty acids C7-C20) reduced populations by an average 90% compared with untreated.

The trial, performed in the Netherlands involved four spray applications at 14-day intervals in the summer of 2020 with population reductions ranging from 7% to 98% depending on the extent of pest pressure and the assessment date. The effect of the treatments was assessed twice after the final application to gauge any lasting performance.


Movento in combination with FLiPPER delivered an average 90% reduction in onion thrips compared with the untreated

On its own, four applications of Movento achieved an average reduction in onion thrips populations of 46% compared with the untreated. Applying FLiPPER in combination with Movento improves control by 79%, clearly demonstrating the contribution of FLiPPER to the programme.

Based on experience in the Netherlands, Bayer promotes the inclusion of an adjuvant oil with Movento for the control of onion thrips and the benefit of this is evidenced in the trial with an average reduction of 78% across the programme. The inclusion of FLiPPER further improves on this performance.

The trial builds on earlier work that confirmed the contribution of Movento in managing populations by controlling both adults and larvae. This work has since been validated in UK trials and has led to a change in early season practice among growers.

Movento is now routinely applied as the first spray once populations are detected. The use of Tracer (spinosad) and Minecto One (cyantraniliprole), which can be applied under an Extension of Authorisation for Minor Use (EAMU), provides growers with additional modes of action to incorporate into a resistance management programme.

“Onion thrips is the most significant pest of onions and leeks in the UK. Being able to control them effectively is essential to producing crops of quality with a high marketable yield, Movento is the basis of an effective programme and we see that where it is combined with FLiPPER control is exceptional,” says Claire Matthewman, Bayer horticulture campaign manager.

Pest pressure tends to be at its greatest at the height of summer when thrips migrate from cereal crops.

“Monitoring using blue and white sticky traps will reveal the presence of thrips before the leaf silvering becomes apparent. At this point, Movento should be applied either alone or in combination with FLiPPER depending on the conditions and the expected pressure,” adds Ms Matthewman.

Movento can be applied up to a maximum of four times to crops of outdooronion with the latest time of application seven days before harvest. FLiPPER can be applied up to a maximum of nine times to onions and other field vegetables under EAMU 2020/0103 which can be downloaded from the CRD website here.

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