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Biologicals by Bayer

We're developing biological products derived from plants, bacteria and fungi. These biologicals are a vital tool in sustainable agriculture; integrated with conventional crop protection products, they can help you increase crop quality and yields.



FLiPPER is a new effective biological insecticide with a considerate side for strawberry, tomato and cucumber crops.* Derived from a natural by-product of extra virgin olive oil, FLiPPER is ruthlessly effective at targeting pest insects while remarkably protective to beneficial organisms.**

FLiPPER is also perfectly compatible with integrated spray programmes that incorporate conventional crop chemistry. 

FLiPPER is an innovative broad-spectrum bio-insecticide that offers...

Proven negligible impact on:


  • Bees

  • Pollinators

  • Beneficial arthropods**

The natural and sustainable choice for foliar pest control

FLiPPER's unique and multi-site mode of action provides consistent broad-spectrum activity across multiple crops and pests and is shown to be active at all stages of the target pest lifecycle. Agrii's Richard Killian has used FLiPPER in his trials and shares his thoughts.


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Everything you need to know about FLiPPER

*EAMUs in selected field vegetables, leafy vegetables, herbs, tree fruit and soft fruit grown outdoors and under protection. **When an established population of beneficial organisms is already present at the time of application, FLiPPER applied at standard rates does not cause unacceptable reduction to beneficial insect populations. Data source: FLiPPER Selectivity Study at IPM Impact Nederhespen, Belgium 2014. Two-spotted spider mite, Aphid, Whitefly (on label) and Leafhopper and Thrips (EAMU). FLiPPER contains fatty acids C7-C20. FLiPPER is a registered Trade Mark of AlphaBioPesticides Limited. Use plant protection products safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Pay attention to the risk indications and follow the safety precautions on the label. For further information, including contact details, visit or call 0808 1969522. © Bayer CropScience Limited 2020.

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