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Infinito gives you control of all stages of the blight life-cycle, as well as providing long-lasting control of foliar and tuber blight in order to maximise yields in your potato crop.

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Why Infinito?

Infinito has two unique modes of action. It is the only blight product which is able to offer you the combination of high levels control of foliar and tuber blight with the reassurance of kickback activity.  Infinito should form the cornerstone of your canopy complete blight control programme and help you to tackle the challenges of the current aggressive strains of blight.

Infinito performance against current aggressive strains.

Graph 2

Main advantages

  • Proven performance against foliar and tuber blight
  • Systemic, protectant and translaminar activity
  • Consistent high-level protection for leaves, stems and tubers
  • Unique action on all stages of the blight life-cycle
  • Outstanding anti-sporulant activity
  • Long-lasting, rainfast in one hour and no LERAP
  • Excellent crop safety
  • For use in the canopy complete part of the programme

Infinito anti sporulant field trials

Graph 1

Getting the best from Infinito

To get the best performance from Infinito and achieve effective protection against all strains of blight, use it at 1.6 L/ha at seven-day spray intervals. Before application always read the label.

Depending on variety, crops start to flower and initiate tubers towards the end of the rapid growth stage when the canopy is almost complete. Using Infinito before this does not make best use of the tuber blight activity of fluopicolide. The best time to incorporate Infinito into a blight programme is from canopy completion onwards.


Important things to remember

  • Infinito is designed for use as part of a programme, following the rapid phase of growth
  • Infinito will protect tubers from late blight infection prior to harvest and reduce blight incidence in storage
  • Infinito can be used on all varieties of potatoes and crops grown for seed
  • Apply only to dry foliage, do not apply if rainfall or irrigation is imminent. Rainfastness is one hour provided the spray has dried on the leaf
  • Avoid drift to areas outside those being sprayed
  • Apply only as a protectant treatment, do not use once blight has become readily visible in the crop
  • Do not exceed 6.4 L/ha per crop

Infinito as part of a programme

Infinito should be used as part of a programme to control Late blight in conjunction with a product such as Consento, which can be used during the rapid growth stage. Infinito can then be applied during the mid to late season to provide robust foliar and tuber protection.

Infinito performance against current aggressive strains trial: UK Eurofins 2013 What Fungicide Demo, Derbyshire. 11 sprays at weekly intervals. Infinito anti Sporulant field trials: Wageningen University, PPO Lelystad research centre, Holland. 4 sprays at weekly intervals


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