Perennial rye-grass

Lolium perenne

Rye-grass, Eavers


An increasing problem in arable situations.


Large, dark green tufted perennial 30 - 60 cm. Flower head is flattened, with the spikelets arranged alternatively on opposite sides of the stem. Spikelets are awnless, unlike Italian rye-grass. Similar to common couch but has no rhizomes and the underside of the leaves are glossy.

The flower head may also be confused with couch grass. However, the spikelets of perennial rye-grass lie at 90° unlike couch where spikelets lie flat against the stem.


Perennial Rye-grass liguleShort: up to 2 mm. Blunt.










Auricles: Small if present.

Leaf blade: Dark green and hairless. Leaf blades folded in shoot.

Perennial Rye-grass 1
Perennial Rye-grass 2
Perennial Rye-grass - youngPerennial rye-grass seedling.
Perennial Rye-craft ligule photoPerennial rye-grass ligule. Photo © HGCA.




Perennial Rye-grass 3Perennial rye-grass flower heads.
Perennial Rye-grass - maturePerennial rye-grass flower head. Photo ©