Great brome

Anisantha (previously Bromus) diandra


Primarily a weed of south and eastern England but spreading. Difficult to control.


Like a large, stout barren brome, 35 - 80 cm with a heavy drooping panicle. Spikelets are 7-9 cm including awns and bear 5-8 flowers. Like barren brome, panicles turn purplish when mature.


Great brome liguleMedium to large: 3 - 6 mm. Rounded and jagged.










Auricles: Absent.

Leaf blade: Green flat and limp. Rough and loosely hairy. Rolled in bud.

Great brome 1
Great brome 2
Great brome - youngGreat brome seedling. © Blackthorn arable.
Great brome - ligule - photoGreat brome ligule. © HGCA.


Great brome - matureGreat brome flower heads. Spikelets 7-9 cm (including awns).