Barren brome

Anisantha (previously Bromus) sterilis

Sterile brome


An increasing problem throughout British Isles mainly on arable land, especially in continuous cereals. Mainly a problem on headlands but can spread out into the field. Causes yield loss and lodging.


Annual or biennial grass 30-90 cm. Tufted or solitary grass, green but reddish purple when mature. Heavy drooping panicle of spikelets 4-6 cm including awns, bearing 4-10 flowers. Up to 2,000 seeds per plant.


Barren brome - LiguleMedium: 2 - 4 mm. Pointed and deeply serrated.










Auricles: Absent.

Leaf blade: Green but purple later. Flat, limp and finely pointed. Surface is rough with short hairs. Rolled in bud.

Barren brome - 1
Barren brome 2
Barren brome - 3Barren brome ligule.
Barren brome - 4Barren brome flower head.


Barren brome - 5Barren brome in wheat.