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Your horticulture team

Your horticulture team

Campaign Manager

Claire Matthewman

Campaign Manager for Horticulture, UK
01223 226516

With a degree in Marketing and more than 5 years experience in the agricultural industry, Claire manages the horticultural portfolio with a key focus to help users understand Bayer products and get the best possible results for their crops. As well as ensuring product supplies meet market demands, Claire works on identifying and driving innovative integrated solutions to help UK fruit and vegetable growers deliver sustainable high yields of quality produce. Any questions? Contact Claire about Bayer’s fruit and vegetable crop protection range.



Jack Hill

Roots and Horticulture Commercial Manager, UK
07900 748671

Jack Hill is Roots & Horticulture Commercial Manager for the UK, he also liaises with supermarkets, food processors and vegetable producers to discuss the safe use of crop protection products. Jack started with Bayer in 2014 and after gaining his BASIS qualification worked in Norfolk for 4 years as a Commercial Technical Manager offering technical support to local growers and agronomists on crop protection products, biologicals, seed and digital farming



Matt Garnett

Commercial Technical Manager, Vegetables
07734 481690
Twitter: @Garnettmw

Based in Lincolnshire and therefore covering a large part of the UK’s key vegetable production area, Matt helps and advises growers and agronomists with all aspects of our portfolio. He enjoys demonstrating innovations and believes that seeing our products in the field is vital to understanding them. Matt is the vegetable contact on the CTM team, from whom growers can access information on our products.



Tom van der Gouw

Marketing Manager, Horticulture Crops, North Europe

Based in the Netherlands, Tom is responsible for managing the horticulture portfolio in the area of fruits and flowerbulbs. Tom also heads up the horticulture team within Northern Europe, and has work experience in technical sales support and marketing. Tom's aim is to ensure that UK horticulture growers can benefit from available knowledge, solutions and best practices that are available in the different countries. In order to optimize their production methods and return on investment.

Tom Smit

Agronomic Solutions Manager; Potatoes, Vegetables and Ornamentals for UK, Ireland, Benelux and Nordics

Based in the Netherlands, Tom works with country horticulture teams in N-W Europe to drive development of products and solutions for the growers. By combining the needs of the different countries Tom looks for opportunities that might not be possible from a UK perspective. Tom has a history of working in Marketing, Regulatory and Development which will be a benefit in providing the best possible solution for the UK market. Vegetable responsibilities are split up between Tom and Luk De Maeyer. Tom is responsible for all covered veggies and the following field veggies: brassicas, carrots, lettuce, onion, leek, spinach, beans and courgette


Luk De Maeyer

Agronomic Solutions Manager, Fruit, UK, Benelux and Nordics

Based in Belgium, Luk works with country horticulture fruit teams to drive development of products and install complementary integrated pest management strategies based on chemistry and Biologics. Exploiting all the intrinsic potential of new approaches in spray technology and positioning to install more comfortable solutions for pome fruit, stone fruit and soft fruit growers. By combining the needs of the different countries, opportunities to align the strategies are sought. Luk has a long history in development in fruits with wide connection to international fruit research station such as Pcfruit, EMR, Bavendorf; INRA. 


Roel WanningenRoel Wanningen

Crop Manager, Vegetables and Potatoes, Northern and Western Europe

Based in the Netherlands, Roel works with country horticulture teams to drive development and the provision of products and solutions that meet their customers’ needs. By providing the link between countries and regional and global parts of the business, Roel helps build momentum behind new products. The UK therefore directly benefits from Bayer’s experience with vegetable and potato growers across all of Europe and the rest of the world.



Dr Helen CobleyDr Helen Cobley

Country Regulatory Manager

Helen has 20 years’ experience as a country regulatory manager for fruit and vegetable fungicides and insecticides. In addition to vital work submitting applications for new products or defending current ones at re-registration, Helen works closely with the AHDB (Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board) to support EAMU applications for minor crops and spends considerable time identifying new crop uses.

Connie Jeffery

Connie Jeffery

Country Regulatory Manager

The newest member of the team, and with a biology degree, Connie is developing her knowledge of the processes needed to register the best crop solutions for use on fruit and vegetables.


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