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Stewardship, Food and Environment

Protecting the environment, wildlife and people on or near your farm will come as second nature to you.

We need stewardship for the future

At Bayer, we’re committed to helping you continue your stewardship work: we know that when it comes to using crop protection safely, it’s not always something you can do in isolation.

To ensure the continued use of highly beneficial crop protection products, it’s critical that the whole farming industry demonstrates the highest level of stewardship. This means taking all possible steps to raise standards of handling and use, and to minimise any possible risks to health and the environment.

Without a concerted and visible effort to satisfy relevant government bodies, the industry risks losing vital crop protection products, leading to the return of long-forgotten pests and diseases, as well as lower yields.

This particularly applies to seed treatments. Vital neonicotinoid insecticides are currently under threat of an EU ban. Effective stewardship practice is crucial to preventing such a decision.

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You can get free stewardship resources from us. Or why not call 0808 1969522: we’ll put you in touch with your local technical manager who’ll be pleased to help.

Much legislation governs how the industry uses pesticides to avoid affecting, livestock, wildlife and the environment. Read about it at the CRD (Chemicals Regulation Directorate) Pesticides website.

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Stewardship and resources

Effective stewardship is crucial to demonstrating our professional and responsible use of seed treatments. Simply, we must all handle treated seed carefully and according to recommended guidelines – and be seen to be doing so. And by ‘all’, we mean everyone, from manufacturers like Bayer, to the seed trade, treaters and growers.
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If you have a question about our products on your crops, please contact your nearest technical manager

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