Optimised Application

To help ensure that every drop of spray reaches its target (it won’t work if it doesn’t), we have produced the ‘Making every droplet count’ guide in association with Knight Farm Machinery.

Making every droplet count‘Making every droplet count’ guide, download

Adopting the advice and techniques in the manual, will help maximise spray deposited on the target and optimise levels of control.

The focus of spray applications must always be on observing good agricultural practice, to get the spray onto the target and to get the spray retained by the target.

Care for the environment is a major consideration in farming. Of all farming activities, crop protection has the highest profile amongst the public. Whilst manufacturers subject their products to exhaustive tests to ensure maximum safety to users, consumers and the environment, there is a duty of care to use their products correctly.

The product label defines the application parameters and provides precise instructions which ensure compliance with the pesticide regulations. However, responsible use of crop protection products requires common sense and attention to detail so that the spray droplets reach their intended target effectively.

Spray Targeting

Spray targeting optimises the application factors which ensure that the product reaches, and is retained on the surface of the target. The diversity of targets; insects, fungi, soil, weeds, and the crop coupled with the variable factors incurred during application, such as spray quality, water volume, spray pressure and forward speed can compliment or detract from the activity of a product.

The ‘Making every droplet count’ guide will help to identify the appropriate spray quality for the chosen target, and optimise sprayer operation techniques for high levels of control, ensuring that off-target areas are not put at risk, click here to download it now.