What are we doing?

How can we help improve bee health?

We will:

  • Continue to fight to protect bees against Varroa and the diseases which impact on their health. Bayer has been a bee health company for over 25 years, providing treatments for Varroa and other bee health issues around the world. We recently opened the first of two Bee Care Centres to focus our resources on this topic. 
  • Continue to ensure the sustainable use of insecticides including neonicotinoids in order to protect bees from any adverse impact. For further information, please see the Bee Safe Bee Careful leaflet. 
  • Encourage bee stewardship, both among farmers who have a key role in promoting bee health, for example by planting pollen and nectar strips, bee keepers and in domestic gardens and parks where nectar-rich flowers, plants and trees can be planted. For further information, please see the Bee Informed leaflet.
Bee centre
Bee on flower (yellow 2)

Further information

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