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Bayer is continuing to develop technology and services to help cereal growers improve yields, and make well-informed decisions to improve overall profitability. This year, you’re invited to register your interest in trialling two innovative new technologies: Rapid Disease Detection, and Climate FieldView. Read on to find out more.

Rapid Disease Detection

What is Rapid Disease Detection?

Bayer’s new Rapid Disease Detection technology is being developed to identify and quantify the presence of latent diseases in your crops. By identifying disease before symptoms are visible you will have a new layer of information to help inform and justify your fungicide decisions.

Watch this short video to find out more about Rapid Disease Detection.

As seen in the above short video, Rapid Disease Detection involvesampling leaves from your wheat crop and sending them to our lab partner for analysis. Within 48 hours of your sample arriving at the laboratory, you will receive your results which will tell you if latent Septoria or Yellow Rust is present in your leaf sample, and the quantity of disease DNA identified. You can then use this information to inform and justify your disease control decisions.  



What am I sampling?

This Rapid Disease Detection trial gives you the opportunity to compare the non-visible Septoria and Yellow rust levels between two sets of leaves. 

We would like you to decide how you want to use this comparison test to inform your fungicide decision on your farm. Therefore, we ask that you choose a comparison to get the most out of your results, some ideas are listed below to give you an idea, but you are free to make your own decision or you can speak to your local CTM (click here for contact details)

  • Varieties
  • Drilling dates
  • Different locations on your farm
  • Different fungicide programmes
  • Spring wheat vs Winter wheat
  • Irrigated vs Unirrigated
  • Treated vs Untreated
  • Leaf 1 vs Leaf 3

Forward Farmer, James Nott, took part in the Rapid Disease Detection trial last year and this video clip shows you his chosen comparison


When do I need to sample?

You should expect to receive your results within 48 hours of them arriving at the laboratory. Therefore, you may like to choose a date that is a few days prior to your likely spraying date to help inform your fungicide decision. For example, you may choose a date around your usual key T2 fungicide timing.

We’d also encourage you to choose a date at the start of the week (eg. Monday 17th May) to increase the likelihood of fast posting and laboratory turn around.

The sampling kit will be posted several days prior to the sampling date that you select on the registration form.


What else do I need to know?

  • If you are chosen to take part in this trial, you will need to collect a representative sample of 12 leaves of the selected leaf layer from separate plants in your chosen field
  • You will need to ensure your leaves are as dry as possible, your sampling kit will include paper towels!
  • In order to increase the likelihood of getting your results back as quickly as possible, please try and sample your leaves as early in the week as is realistically possible

Climate FieldView

What is Climate FieldView?

FieldView is Bayer’s digital farming platform.

FieldView unlocks the real power of your farm data – bringing it to life interactively on one screen and in real time. This allows quick, accurate analysis to make the best decisions possible: whether that’s choosing next year’s varieties, understanding the performance of different fungicide applications or managing harvest.

FieldView is powerful yet simple to use and compatible across most equipment. It allows instant in-cab analysis and remote live metre-by-metre monitoring, seamlessly including past data. All this means faster, more accurate planning and analysis which pays off in lower costs, higher yields and better performance.



All data in one place

Seamlessly bring your data together in one place for easy access. Stream today’s information directly from your equipment, upload historical data quickly, create and share reports rapidly and easily.

FieldView quickly accepts historical data and adds four years of satellite images so all your history is in one place. The package is usable on most devices and in multiple ways, from day-to-day harvest management and variety trials to seed prescriptions for next year. 

FieldView then builds on this, bringing key data from any current work including the latest trial results, spraying and crop reports almost instantly into the cab iPad in an easy, highly interactive system.

As well as insights for the big decisions, the real-time aspect saves effort and cuts costs in daily operations.


Unlock valuable insights

FieldView means real-time data and analytics at every stage of the season from drilling to harvest.

Historical and current data can be uploaded rapidly into FieldView, so you can:

  • analyse farm performance by field, variety, treatment and soil type
  • see full trial-plot yield data instantly without even stopping the combine
  • compare maps side by side to better understand the causes of variability field by field and, if needed, metre by metre 
  • see scouting data in simple formats using colour-coding
  • see historic and in-season scouting imagery to identify problems and target crop walking

FieldView means you can make rapid, confident decisions because huge amounts of data are synthesised into clear insights almost instantly, on virtually any screen.  


Maximum productivity

Quickly and easily build a customised plan and manage variability with field by field prescriptions.  

With FieldView good data will become useful information. That means good decisions backed by hard numbers and an overall farm strategy that’s truly designed to maximise every field.

Asked about FieldView, Sam Eathington from Climate Corporation in the US said “In two years of field-scale trials with farmers using their own equipment, FieldView’s Seed Advisor yielded 0.5 t/ha more than the comparison”


A complete package

FieldView really does provide a cost effective, year-round digital farming package regardless of the size of your operation. 

As UK Farm Manager Malcolm Vaughan puts it: “I’m seriously impressed, and the most impressive part is how easy it is to use. I like the fact that potentially it could be a complete management programme in one package.”


Climate FieldView Compatability

Use our online set-up tool to learn what you need to get started using FieldView. Visit to find out if your machinery is compatible.


For more information, video testimonials and UK success stories visit our FieldView page.