Get started

Before you start you’ll need a few things so that we can get the calculation right...

  • The location and size of your farm
  • Your largest sprayer tank volume
  • An estimate of your monthly washings volume
    • It maybe useful to consider your pressure washer flowrate and the time spent washing down, along with frequency, to estimate this.

A Phytobac should last many years so it’s important to consider your future cropping practices and take into account any upcoming developments in your business.

The calculation will provide you with two Phytobac sizes, Phytobac solo and Phytobac plus. A Phytobac plus system includes the addition of a buffer tank for washing storage before the Phytobac. (A Phytobac plus system will only be recommended if the buffer tank complies with the current Government regulation RP27 which states a buffer tank can have a maximum capacity of 1,500 litres).

Each result will offer you three recommendations depending on the position on your farm where you site the Phytobac, whether it is in direct sunlight, a partially shaded area or in a fully shaded site.

Ok, got it