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The first mainstream OSR variety with across-the-board ratings of 8 or more for all the most important agronomic traits offers growers across the country an unrivalled high output opportunity to minimise their production risks over the coming season.

A major step forward in OSR robustness, DK Exstar joins the DEKALB portfolio for 2019 planting with the best-ever, all-round agronomy package. On top of a gross output of 105% of controls in official trials, it boasts scores of 8 for light leaf spot, as well as phoma resistance and stem stiffness, and a 9 for lodging resistance.

Add DEKALB pod shatter resistance, vigorous establishment, rapid autumn and spring growth, and relative shortness and earliness of maturity and it’s not surprising breeder, Matthew Clarke considers it the most complete variety ever to emerge from his programme.

“DK Exstar certainly ticks all the boxes for everyone keen to secure market-leading winter OSR outputs at the least production risk,” he stressed. 

“Our long-standing combination of RLM7 and polygenic phoma resistance means thresholds for treatment only tend to be met late in the autumn, if at all. This, and the highest level of light leaf spot resistance available, offers the ultimate in spray programme flexibility.

“DK Exstar’s exceptional standing power was underlined by the way it emerged unscathed from this season’s mid-June deluge in untreated Lincolnshire trials in marked contrast to a range of other varieties.

“Noticeably shorter than most hybrids, it matures at the same familiar time to DK Exalte,” he added. “And like our other Ex varieties, it carries the pod shatter resistance trait we pioneered to reduce the risk of seed losses in the run-up to and at harvest for the greatest security and combining flexibility.”

“Vigorous establishment and rapid autumn development means DK Exstar suits a wide range of sowing dates – including later slots,” explained DEKALB technical specialist, Will Vaughan-France. “As well as allowing the crop to cope with less-than-ideal seedbed and early growing conditions, this is especially valuable in helping it grow away from both flea beetle and slug damage.

“Although equally vigorous in its spring growth, the variety doesn’t go into stem extension quite as early as some. So it’s especially well-suited to heavier soils and colder sites where restricted early nutrient availability can increase the risk of bolting.

“For the most productive canopies we recommend seed rates targeted at producing even stands of no more than 30 plants/m2 in the spring and well-timed nitrogen applications based on accurately-determined post-winter GAIs.”

Will Vaughan-France sees DK Exstar as a natural successor to DK Extrovert and DK Exalte for growers looking for the highest output at the least production risk. It offers a significant step forward in OSR robustness together with yield levels a good 0.4t/ha ahead of these farmer favourites at a similar 45%+ oil content in untreated trials.

“Wherever reliability and management flexibility in coping with today’s OSR-growing challenges are priorities, I strongly suggest growers try a decent acreage of DK Exstar alongside their favourite current varieties this autumn,” he said.

50% Seed Cost Refund for Establishment Failures

DK Exstar further minimises growing risks by being the first variety to come with the DEKALB Establishment Support Scheme, refunding growers fully 50% of their seed costs for crops failing to establish this autumn.

Those wishing to take advantage of the straight-forward scheme do so simply by opting into it with their merchant when buying their seed – which comes complete with market-leading new seed treatment, Acceleron –  and registering their participation

To be eligible for the scheme, growers must:

1.         Register by 30th September 2019

2.         The crop must be sown in using good agricultural practice with attention to seedbed quality by 15th September 2019

3.         In the event of any field(s) failing to establish by 15th October 2019, the grower may make a claim for 50% of the seed value refund, via the seed supplier who will assess the claim

4.         Part-field failures will not be eligible (please refer to the Seed Supplier’s full terms and conditions for causes of failure are eligible for refund and the terms at the bottom of the registration page on the Dekalb website)

“Through the scheme we are sharing the risk of establishment failure 50/50 with our growers,” pointed out DEKALB marketing manager, Mark Shaw.  “Not only is this the fairest thing to do, but it’s by far the best value on the market. 

“It also stands out from the crowd by being as simple as possible and linked to what we believe to be the strongest genetics on the market supported with the best available seed treatment. This is all part of our commitment to helping growers make the very most of their OSR at the least risk.”

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