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Following in the footsteps of DK Extrovert and DK Exalte for beyond-the-RL genetic strength and ability is the latest variety from the Dekalb programme, DK Exstar.

The first mainstream ‘double low’ to boast across-the-board ‘8 or greater’ ratings for phoma resistance, light leaf spot resistance, lodging resistance and stem stiffness, it is a typically vigorous Dekalb establisher with rapid autumn development. It also carries pod shatter resistance, familiar mid-flowering and maturity ratings, and had an official gross output rating of 105% of controls as an RL candidate.

“DK Exstar joins our portfolio with the most complete agronomy package we have ever seen,” says Dekalb technical specialist, Will Vaughan-France.  “Like most of our hybrids, you won’t find it on the RL.  But we are every bit as confident in its on-farm abilities as we were with both DK Extrovert and DK Exalte – which it has out-yielded by a good 0.4 t/ha at a similar 45%+ oil content in our untreated trials.

“We’ve found the variety suits a wide range of sowing dates, including later slots. Although equally vigorous in its spring growth, it doesn’t go into stem extension quite as early as some, making it especially well-suited to heavier soils and colder sites where early nutrient availability can be restricted.

“A market-leading combination of phoma stem canker and light leaf spot resistance gives the greatest possible flexibility in fungicide treatment, while high levels of lodging resistance and stem stiffness allow spring spray programmes to optimised for canopy structuring.

“DK Exstar is very definitely a step-forward in OSR robustness and risk management,” he notes. “It’s got all the makings of another firm grower favourite.”


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