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The DEKALB Advantage

The key to making the most of winter oilseed rape’s unique combination of earning power, break crop value and wider farm benefits is the most reliable farm performance.

That’s why our whole oilseed rape improvement programme has always focused as much on providing genetic solutions to the challenges the crop faces as increasing its output potential.

The hybrid breeding process

Modern hybrid breeding has revolutionised both the speed and scope of variety development. Impressive all-round performance improvements mean that hybrid varieties have led European OSR production for many years.

Modern hybrids have become increasingly valued for development characteristics that allow them to be grown in a range of climatic and soil conditions. Hybrids tend to grow more vigorously than pure lines. However, some hybrids are noticeably more vigorous than others. Simply being a hybrid does not guarantee superior establishment.

Vigorous establishment ability is a key trait long prioritized in the DEKALB breeding program. It ensures varieties that are better able to tolerate tough conditions and more likely to maintain themselves successfully over difficult winters. It also minimizes the risk from flea beetles and slugs, especially important in the absence of neonicotinoid seed dressings and with metaldehyde stewardship restrictions.

1. DEKALB marker assisted breeding

Genetic markers pinpointed through parallel DEKALB laboratory and field testing enable desirable traits to be selected for development through DNA analysis of a single seed.

Combined with traditional field screening, this allows the maximum progress to be made across the greatest number of performance improvement targets at the same time.   

2. DEKALB double haploid

An innovative technique increasingly being employed to produce DEKALB hybrid parents, double haploid develops plants from pollen grains in carefully controlled cell culture. This guarantees the pure breeding parents required to ensure identical hybrids from every cross.

3. Different hybrids for different circumstances

DEKALB hybrids.As with so many processes and projects on farm, the success of oilseed rape growing lies in the investment in the best quality genetic material and the attention to detail paid to establishment, agronomy and marketing the crop.

DEKALB hybrid varieties offer the best fit for every situation on the farm, giving high yields and consistently good performance to optimise financial returns.


Our research and the experience of our growers clearly underlines the value of these solutions in allowing the most cost-effective winter oilseed rape management; especially so under today’s increasingly variable and less predictable climate.

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