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Local primary schoolchildren have been provided with a unique opportunity to experience Baylab, an enhanced learning laboratory facility geared towards KS2-KS5 school years.

For the first time since Baylab was launched in 2017 at its permanent home in Reading, schools from Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Norfolk were invited to participate in fun, interactive science sessions inspiring children with some of the key scientific principles underpinning the life of bees. Over 100 local primary school children and their teachers from Taverham, Wickhambrook, Westfield and Shillington visited the Bayer Crop Science headquarters in Cambridge for practical science lessons ranging from using a microscope and testing honey, to the role of bees and their life cycles.


‘As a teacher, for the children to have exposure to a whole range of different activities today has been super exciting’ says Sarah Morris, Year 5 teacher at Wickhambrook Primary.

‘If you’ve got the chance to come and do something with your hands, it takes the barriers away for children who find the language and terminology that comes with science very tricky in the classroom.’

Head of the UK Crop Science business Michael Muncey explained Bayer’s vision for inspiring the next generation of scientists: ‘As a life science company committed to health and nutrition, we recognise and value the importance of not only connecting children with where their food comes from but also showing them the role that science plays in finding solutions to some of the big challenges facing the food system’.

‘’It has been a great pleasure to support the global Baylab movement here in the UK and partner with teachers on the highly relevant topic of bees and honey through an enhanced learning environment providing new ways to engage children with science.’’

 ‘It’s all about capturing the imagination of children today, to make them the scientists of tomorrow’’ says Baylab Manager Emma Schierbaum who previously taught science full-time for six years before joining Bayer two years ago.

“This is why we’re so passionate about awakening an interest in science among young people from all backgrounds at an early age, to boost their confidence, provide inspiration and aid in development.’’

Emma explains that she hopes the children and teachers went away with a positive attitude, not only towards science, but to the work that goes into helping achieve a more sustainable future and better life for generations to come.

For more information about the Baylab, please visit or the Bayer Crop Science website


Issued by: Alice Turnbull, Bayer E: T: 01223 226 566 M:07920 548 339

Notes to editor:


The Baylab provides free laboratory workshops for schools, offering state of the art equipment, intriguing experiments as well as the chance to use innovative ideas and develop solutions. Visits are tailored for students aged between 7 and 18, and complements what they learn at school, enabling them to make their own unique discoveries.

The bees and honey workshops teach pupils about why bees are so important. Starting off with a bee quiz, children then take on the role of a bee, finding out how they pollenate flowers and collect nectar before using microscopes to explore their anatomy

The children also have the chance to get hands-on with science equipment to discover more about honey, from its antibacterial properties and mineral content.

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